These musical drama's are designed as Outreach Events to assist churches in reaching out to the community they serve in order to create opportunity to share the message of Salvation, Hope and Grace through Jesus Christ!

Partner with Turn the Tide Ministries as Laborers in Gods field to bring in His Harvest!


A delightfully refreshing tale about the true meaning of Christmas told in a whole new way that is appealing to the general public.  Santa learns it's not all about him with the help of a brave boy named Peter and one very special Bumble Bee who has his seasons mixed up, but NOT his priorities!  This drama makes a wonderful Christmas Outreach Event!


AN EAR TO HEAR ( a story of a Resurrection Day miracle!)

EVER WONDERED WHAT HAPPENED to that servant of the High Priest who had his ear cut off by Peter in the Garden at Gethsamane - then healed by Jesus?  This is the story of what might have occurred during those three days after the Crucifixion - and what miracles are wrought by Gods Grace and Goodness when men dare to believe! 

See the 4 part animated series on YouTube and hear the original songs:

    PART ONE- featuring the original song "Great Orchestrator"

PART TWO- featuring "Even Now, by John the Revelator"

 PART THREE- featuring "God is Love and that's the way it is!"

 PART FOUR- featuring the Special "When God Moves"