Saturday, July 4, 2020

Have you ever wondered why God delivered and rescued one person but left others to “suffer their fate”?

I remember reading about the story of Daniel in the Lions den, first as a child in my Sunday school class and then later with a little greater maturity under my belt. 

In the course of studying history and in particular the history of the Christian church I considered myself part of, I discovered that first century Christians were regularly “thrown to the Lions” in arenas as entertainment. I also learned of many other gruesome and horrific actions taken against and upon the persons of those who professed Christ including being burned alive and even being crucified just as Christ himself had been crucified. 

In meditating upon the word of God and thinking in my deepest soul about what the Bible stories revealed to me about the attributes and character of the God I was aligning myself with, I found myself wondering why Daniel was rescued from the Lions but those later Christians weren’t? 

I wondered why some people were delivered, like Shadrach Meshack and Abednego but not the Christians in Sudan or Nigeria today?

Did God only reach out his hand of power when there was a story to be told? Is it simply a matter of faith or lack of faith? Didn't the Bible teach us that God was not a respecter of persons, but a respecter of conditions? Was it about dedication or lack of dedication on the part of the believer or unbeliever? What about these stories could I discover about God himself and the people of God who believe and trust him? 

This one thought continually highlighted and pressed itself upon my heart; God has an eternal perspective that we in our limited humanity cannot even begin to grasp. 

Then I found myself wondering if that is the answer, is it an acceptable answer? Which actually leads me to a further question! Who am I or any other created being to question the one who created us? 

Which led me to think of Job. When he went through the devastation and the horrific loss along with his wife, of their 10 loved children and everything else in their lives, and he asked God about it, the answer he got is astounding and marvelous all at the same time; 

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the world?” God asked back.

And that led me to what I felt was a simple answer. 

I am not God. You are not God. 

We do not know all of the many many mysteries of the universe and of the supernatural and the spirit and of God himself!  We simply don’t know what we don’t know!

Only God knows these mysteries, precisely because he alone is God! And we are left with a simple choice. 

Trust him and receive the many benefits that come from that, even while we suffer the effects of our sinful nature and this sinful fallen world we live in, or don’t trust him and accept the consequences of that choice whatever they may be.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Heavenly father, there is a deep darkness that has spread across the USA, that has been building for many years. You alone can bring calm to the emotional storms. You only can comfort the depth of hurt, despair and discouragement in the hearts of so many! 

Lord I pray you would blow a life giving breath of supernatural peace across our land, into the hearts of those choosing wickedness.  

I ask you Lord to cast down the darkness and bring their wicked plans to nothing. Lord, blow peace and comfort into the hearts of those grieving, those hurt and desperate for understanding!

I hear the word of the Lord calling his people to repentance! 

“Turn to me and seek me with all your heart” declares the Lord God! “There is a recompense coming to the world; watch and pray! Prepare yourselves, for a sword is coming that will devour all that will not bow to the majesty of the Lord God!”

Oh Lord - in Jesus name and for the sake of His sacrifice, sweep across this darkened world with the fresh breath of your healing and delivering, life giving truth! 

Father, hear the cries of your people and deliver us from the pestilence and chaos of the world for your names sake! Amen

Monday, June 29, 2020

The Day Has Come!

OH LORD!  Bring about AWAKENING of Your people and great REVIVAL among the lost and wandering!

Lord, bring forth Your word spoken through Joel:

Wake up people of God!
Cry out to the Lord!

"LORD - deliver us from our grieving!  The Day of the Lord is at hand!  Pour out Your Spirit upon Your sons and Your daughters, to declare the Day of the Lord is at hand!  As Your Ambassadors, let us sound the alarm and declare with boldness that we must must turn to the Lord, Who is gracious and compassionate!  There must be a repentance of our sins and a seeking after the righteousness and holiness of God our Creator, Master of all heaven and all earth!  Let the days be filled with proclamations of God's goodness and mercy!  Pray that many will turn from wickedness and be filled with the Holy Spirit of the Living God!"

As I woke this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this very freeing and most glorious thought filling my mind and heart:

It really doesn't matter what is going on in the world AROUND me; it matters only what is going on WITHIN me!

When it isn't about WHAT we trust, but about WHO we put our trust in, and our trust is in the Everlasting God, our minds are filled with peace and our hearts hold right attitude that keeps us joyful and hopeful, in all things and through all things!

If we base our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors on the conditions and actions of the world around us it is no wonder at all that we would be fearful and terribly discouraged!  The god of this world, the devil, has only one mission:  DECEIVE PEOPLE SO THEY WON'T  WORSHIP THE ONE TRUE GOD OR TRUST IN THE SAVIOR, JESUS!

He does this by working through PEOPLE!  He works through religious people to deceive even Gods elect if possible.  John 10:10 tells us the works of religious leaders who have given themselves completely over to the deceit and have set themselves up as something to be adored and worshipped by their foolish pride!  They kill, steal and destroy! They keep the very people God intended them to serve, enslaved to their whims and selfish human desires!

 In Jesus' day, the religious leaders set themselves against the very Savior they claimed they were seeking diligently for, waiting for and hoping for!  When He came, they were so enamored of their own high status and financial prosperity, they continued to "use" the name of God to legitimize their actions, but they no longer worshipped or served God or God's people!  They served themselves - just like their father the devil! (See John 8:44)

Because of this, they were blinded to the truth, even when He stood right in front of them and declared He was the One they had been seeking and waiting for!  Instead of rejoicing, they were afraid of Him, set themselves against Him and ultimately caused His arrest and imprisonment that led to His crucifixion!

Religion can lead you far from the Lord and cannot set you free!  Church attendance, while helpful to your growth (if truth is taught!) cannot set you free! Head knowledge about the Lord cannot and will not set you free from doubts, worries and fears.

There is only ONE who sets truly FREE INDEED and that is Christ the Savior!

In the words of our Savior I implore you today:  REPENT, for the Kingdom of God is at hand!  Ask and receive forgiveness of your sin through the sacrifice Jesus made of His life on the cross to pay every penalty for you!  Trust His work and believe that God raised Him from the dead and you SHALL BE SAVED!  Let today be the last day you face the concerns and evils of this world alone.


We'd love to pray with you; fill out the prayer request form in the upper left of the screen.  Go to a local church and talk to them about your decision to walk with Christ on your side and living in your heart.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Revival, Awakening, RENEWAL!

Oh Lord God I lift my voice in supplication before your throne of grace and seek your help and your strength and your guidance for this day! Father I come before you humbled by your mercy toward us and exceedingly grateful that we are clothed in your righteousness, having been washed by the blood of the Savior and cleansed by your love!

Lord I lift my voice with confident trust that you not only hear my prayers but that you have already made provision for the answers to be received! The voices of wickedness are raised in violence against your truth! The sound of them pounds in our ears and causes palpitation in our hearts, yet I bow in full confidence before you, knowing that the shield of faith will indeed extinguish every fiery dart of my enemy! The shield of faith will quiet every violent noise!

The helmet of salvation, firm upon my head, assures me of my everlasting life with Christ! My feet are shod with the gospel of peace, the precious word of truth surrounding me, assuring me that the promises of God are mine and will indeed come to pass! I praise you Lord for your truth that binds me in hope of deliverance now and eternal life!

Let my eyes stay fixed on the joy of my salvation in Christ Jesus, but I will find strength in all my places of weakness! Keep my heart bathed in the word of truth but lifts me up and holds me steady through every storm! Secure my trust in the steadfast righteousness, holiness and love of God my creator! Let all the world fall to the deceit and destruction of the enemy, but let the heart and soul and mind of the followers of Christ be held steady and firm and hopeful in the everlasting life to come! Let those that will hear and receive the truth of the Lord be saved from the wicked darkness of this world! Let all who cry on the name of Jesus find peace and solace and help and strength and wisdom and guidance and hope in Him!

No matter the plans of the enemy to trip us up and cause us to fall, thank you God that your hand steadies us and your truth holds us firm and your supernatural power delivers us from all the traps and schemes and deceits of the enemy of our souls!

Help us to put aside the sinful desire of our flesh and to put on the mind of Christ and to be obedient to the truth you have given to us and to boldly share that truth with others, that salvation and awakening and true revival would sweep our world with a cleansing breath of deliverance and healing and fresh hope in the God of all creation and in the sacrifice if His Son Jesus that redeems!

Awaken your people to rise up in your name and be witnesses to Christ and ambassadors of your reconciliation to this world! Revive the dead in sin to new life in Christ Jesus! Cleanse the body of Christ of all spot and blemish to your glory and honor! I thank you father for the power of the Holy Spirit to do a mighty work of supernatural blessing on this earth now in this time of need, drawing souls to salvation and strengthening the people of God to awaken to your glory and majesty and power and might! I ask and pray your miracles, your signs and your wonders be renewed and refreshed on this earth in Jesus name, amen.