Friday, December 31, 2010

What is the CRITERIA?

The Bible is the most fascinating book ever! If your one of the one's who believe it, it's words hold answers to mysteries, extraordinary events, help in times of need, and such encouragement that is beyond anything that has ever or will ever be found in any counselors office! The Bible declares certain things to be true - and then it's up to us, the reader, to believe or disbelieve.

I happen to be one of the one's who believe. You could ask my why, and my simple answer would be that I've experienced first hand some of the things written about actually occuring, either in my life or in someone else's close to me. There is no other explanation for some of the things I've seen, heard, felt, done and experienced except that the words in the Bible are in fact TRUE.

Having said all that, brings me to this blogs main point. According the the Book that I believe to be truth, in IICorinthians chapter 5 verse 20, it states:

"Now then we are Ambassadors for Christ..." and goes on.

I ask the question, "Am I one of these 'we'?" In looking at the context and the previous "we" statements of this book, I would logically concur that yes, I am one of the "we" referred to here. That would mean that I could truthfully say that I am an Ambassador for Christ. In fact, I have said that very statement on many occasions. Now I find my question is, "How is it possible for such a flawed, imperfect being as myself to represent the Perfect, Sinless Christ?" What qualifies me, if indeed I am qualified. What is the CRITERIA USED TO DETERMINE IF ONE IS AN AMBASSADOR OR NOT?

Sometimes, I get things right, I say the right things and do the right things, and I have no trouble at all saying with feeling that I am an Ambassador for Christ. Am I still an Ambassador when I put my foot in my mouth? When my temper flares? When my impatience shows it's ugly head?

Sadly, my conclusion is a resounding yes. I am still even in those times an Ambassador. Just not a very good one! In fact, a very poor one indeed! Since I am so very far from perfect, should I give up the idea entirely and retreat quietly to a corner, never to be heard from again lest I give a bad impression of the Lord yet again?

NO! Indeed a hearty NO is in order here! Sometimes I give a bad or wrong impression but slinking off to a corner is NOT the answer! I continue to give the best I'm able, trust God to keep changing and growing me, and keep being an Ambassador for all I'm worth - because HE'S worth it! HE'S worth the effort and time and trouble of continuing to try to get it right!

Romans 8:1 tells me there is NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ Jesus and IJohn 3:20 assures me that even if my own heart condemns me God is greater than my heart! This is hard for me to accept, but since I believe the Bible, why won't I believe this too? Having met the CRITERIA, which is to confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9-10) then I am good and truly an Ambassador. Sometimes a better one than at other times, but one all the time, just the same!

Keep this in mind as you welcome in the New Year! May 2011 be for all believers, THE YEAR OF THE AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST!

I pray 2011 finds me representing Him well more often than not! May you find it to be the same as well. GOD BLESS YOU!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolutions, solutions or SURRENDER?

A New Year brings with it the sense of "new beginnings" and "new possibilities" and an opportunity to "wipe the slate clean and start over." Most of us make resolutions of some sort - which we seldom carry out to their conclusion. I guess we're not as "resolute" as we'd like to think we are!

Others of us are viewing the New Year as a solution to some of the issues from our pasts. Let go of all that is behind us and press forward - or just ignore what's gone by and hope for something better in this future we're facing. Not a real solution at all, but a temporary reprieve maybe!

May I suggest something more radical this year? Instead of resolutions - have you ever tried SURRENDER? No excuses. No false starts. No failure to complete what you started. Just srrender to the Gracious, Kind and Loving Holy Spirit of the Living God who loves you so much He died for you.

Surrender to His Love. Surrender to His Grace. Surrender to His Kindness. Surrender to His commands in obedience and you will discover all the changes you've resolved to make in the past and failed at, He is more than able to lead you to and through.

Surrender requires more on your part than simply "letting go and letting God." That isn't surrender, that is quitting! No, true surrender that results in blessings requires your participation. How do you participate? You FOLLOW the leading of the Holy Spirit. How do you do that? You OBEY Gods Word. No, not "10 things to post of the fridge and forget about!"

Two things - just two things that you need to give your attention to in order to receive His full attention.

1. Love Him (GOD) with all your heart, mind and strength
2. Treat others with the same love and concern you want for yourself

As you make even the slightest attempt to do these two things, you'll be further ahead than 90% of the rest of the world in completing your New Years "Resolutions"!

Bless you this New Year!
Clay & Marie
Turn The Tide Ministries

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holy Day Greetings


Signing out for 2 days - but never signing off till all have heard the ETERNAL message of salvation!


* to REACH the hearts of people with the message of Gods Grace, Hope and Healing for all

* to share Christs LOVE and MERCY with everyone

Please check out our original Christmas song from our "The Christmas Bee" play:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Dear Father in Heaven,

Our hearts break when our children are threatened, and we know You understand
this better than any of us - for it cost You the agonizing death of Your Only Begotten Son Jesus in order to redeem the rest of Your children that had gone astray from You by sin and unrighteous behavior.

Phylicia's parents are facing an enemy they can't see - and they are using the weapons of warfare they are familiar with - doctors, hospitals, chemotherapy, and drugs.

Lord, at this very moment in time, I ask You, from the great depths of Your mercy and grace to grant to Phylicia and her parents the weapon of Prayer.

I pray Lord, that as they call out to You and ask for Your intervention, Your healing, that You will hear them and have compassion and mercy on them, and pour out Your Gift of Healing upon the physical body of Phylicia - completely shrinking the tumor that has grown in her head, showing Your awesome love and grace to this family, and then Lord, I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ our Savior, that You completely remove this tumor and all of its effects upon this young girl, and show Your mighty Power to save - not just to Phylicia and her family, but to all they will share the testimony of healing with - that the Love and Power of the Almighty God in Heaven would be made known upon this earth through this.

Father, Thank you that You are and will always be our ever present help in time of need, and thank you for hearing and responding to this prayer, because of what Jesus did on the cross for me and for all who will call upon His Name.


Monday, December 20, 2010

The Christmas Bee Photos

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2010 Production of the original outreach play:


(This script can be purchased for use with your church or organization by contacting Turn the Tide or email:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh! Those old Christmas songs!

We just came from Worship practice for this Sunday, and almost our entire roster is going to be Christmas songs, all the "old" stuff we hardly hear anymore. As we were practicing, I stopped and really READ the words we were singing - all the verses, not just that famous first verse.

THESE SONGS HAD TO BE SPIRIT INSPIRED! The words are incredible words of worship and praise to God the King! They are not simply "Christmas songs" but truly are inspired songs of worship, some of them better than any stuff that passes for "worship music" at many churches nowadays.

I'm not saying we shouldn't do "new stuff" - we should, definitely move on to new stuff that suits our generations - BUT - it shouldn't be watered down stuff. New shouldn't mean "less spirit inspired". God is still the finest Creator and He still is in the music business - He invented the music business!

I may be putting this a bit awkwardly, but what I'm trying to say is - to move closer to God, we must seek Him! His purposes, His desires, His heart and not our own.
Consider the words to the second and third verses of the well known: It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious song of old, from angels bending near the earth, to touch their harps of gold, peace on earth, good will to men, from heavens all gracious king, the world in solemn stillness lay, to hear the angels sing!

Verse 2: o ye beneath lifes crushing load
whose forms are bending low
who toil along the climbing way
with painful steps and slow
look now! for glad and golden hours
come swiftly on the wing!
o rest beside the weary road
and hear the angels sing!

verse 3: for lo! the days are hastening on
by prophets seen of old
when with the ever circling years
shall come the time foretold
when peace shall over all the earth
it's ancient splendor fling
and the whole world
give back the song
which now the angels sing!

Take your time, consider these words - they are marvelous words, speaking of OUR need to come to Christ as Savior, give our heavy burdens to Him and take His yoke which is light, follow the narrow path which leads to LIFE EVERLASTING (climbing way) find strength to continue in His promises in spite of the hard times life brings our way, trust in the prophesy of scripture which tells of His second coming, and the look forward with joy to the day WE STAND BEFORE HIS THRONE OF GLORY PRAISING AND WORSHIPPIING OUR LIVING KING!!!

O may we experience the JOY of TRUTH this Christmas season! That is my prayer for our world and the people of my generation!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tide Turning Tales Updates

Merry Christmas to everyone!

As we celebrate the Coming in the Flesh of our Lord and Savior - remember what an act of love it was, knowing He also planned His Sacrifice for us as well.

This Saturday (18th) and Sunday (19th) our Sebastian Community Kids will be performing the original play (written by Clay Krebs, Directed by Marie Krebs)


Please keep our kids in prayer! They will ALL be joining the new youth group we are forming at the Word of Life Church of God here in Sebastian this January! This will be a first for them - and for us, too! Clay and I have done a lot of different ministry over the years, this is the first time for a Youth Group.

If you have useful, Godly advice, we welcome it!

We are AMAZED beyond words with what the Lord has done in this past year! After Christmas, be sure to come back to this site for a recap of all the wonderful events He has orchestrated, that He may be Glorified & Worshipped, and that we all may be encouraged in His love and grace.

We've got The Christmas Bee book with CD of the four original Christmas songs available, if anyone would be interested. to order
your copy. $20 donation to TTT Ministry covers book, CD and shipping to you. Thanks to all who help support this work by ordering!

Changing lives one at a time...Sharing the message of Gods Grace, Hope and Healing for all.

Clay & Marie Krebs
Turn the Tide

Monday, December 13, 2010

God in the details...

For anyone who does not think, know, BELIEVE that GOD IS... and that He cares about the small details of our lives, chew on this...
yesterday, my husband pulled out our winter clothes from the storage in the back of our RV - and most of our things were just fine, except a bag full of my winter tops! All ruined, all mildewed!!!

Boo hoo!! Never said a word to anyone!! Today, my Mom said to me just as I was getting ready to leave after taking her to her Dr.s appointment, hey, I have something for you! Guess what it was? In all the colors of the rainbow, my size and my style!! YEP! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD WHO PROVIDES ALL OUR NEED!!!

Thank you my Loving Jesus!

Do you have an encouraging story of Gods provision? PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We've put some of our favorite songs on CD!
These are all original tunes written by Clay
and Marie - listen to a sample of 2 of them
on our website:


Last Sunday I delivered a sermon on HOPE. Just for fun and because I was inspired to do so, I came up with 21 different acronyms for H-O-P-E. I'll share a few of my favorites at the end. (What can you come up with that describes what HOPE is?)

Hope can be a very hard subject to describe and share with others. We all think we know what it means, but have you ever tried to define it? Words to truly describe what it is to "hope" are difficult to find. We come close, we're even satisfied with our definition, but did we REALLY convey what is meant by HOPE? We have a tendency to view hope with a slightly negative connotation. As in, we HOPE something or such and such will occur. We're not 100% CERTAIN.

Faith, likewise is something we in our hearts may truly understand yet find very hard to fully, substantially define for another to grasp. Faith and Hope are not simple subjects. They are "intangible”. You cannot point to them, like a car for instance, and say, there!, that is Hope or that is Faith.

In the book of Hebrews in the New Testament of the Bible, chapter 11 and verse 1 reads: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Faith is the way to get to Hope - and neither of these can be reached except through Jesus Christ! That indefinable intangible can only be understood, ascertained and received via the Holy Spirit. We, in our flesh without the Spirit, can not fully comprehend. We can get very close, but not get all the way there without a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We can "HOPE" that we're going to heaven, or that God loves us, or that something in our lives will happen or change or whatever it is we’re “hoping” for - but there's always that negative aspect to deal with - our HOPE at that point has an element of doubt to it. We aren't utterly certain. The only way to a completely certain, absolute positive HOPE is the Hope found ONLY in salvation through Jesus Christ.

This isn't the most popular option, I know. This is also one of the most offensive statements to a good number of people. I know. This can even be a dangerous point of view to express in our current culture. I know. None of that changes the truth. You can twist words, call it "my truth" and dismiss it. It still won't change THE TRUTH. The dismissal by the Romans and the Jewish leaders 2000 years or so ago did not change THE TRUTH of who Jesus was then, and dismissal by us today cannot change THE TRUTH of who Jesus is now.
Want HOPE for the future? HOPE for your children? HOPE for our country or culture or even just HOPE for our own lives right now? HOPE IN JESUS!

HOPE is:

Holding Onto Positive Expectations (which will cause you to)
Have Outrageous Profuse Enthusiasm (which you will then be)
Healed Of Perpetual Error (which leads to)
Having Only Peace Everlasting!

May this Christmas Season and all of the New Year be a fantastic time of HOPE in your life!
Peace, Love and Joy in the Holy Spirit!
Turn the Tide Ministries