Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ambassadors in the Embassy

The following is what the Holy Spirit put on my heart this morning and revealed to me; I posted it on Facebook but I thought you might not see it. I hope you don't mind but I really wanted to share it with you:

What do you think of when someone says the word church? We may think of church as a gathering of people, or perhaps we think of church as a building where we go on a Sunday or Wednesday, or maybe we think of church as religion.

To some degree each one of these definitions is correct in certain ways. That's actually quite sad, and if I may be so bold, allow me tell you why this is so.

The function of the Body of Christ is for each member to be an Ambassador for Christ, (2Corinthians 5:20) or as it says in Acts 1:8 to be witnesses to Christ, which would make the buildings that we go to to be equipped for the work of ambassadorship Heavens Embassy. Just as we have a countries embassy existing in foreign countries, these buildings we call church should actually be the Embassy of Heaven here on earth!! Representing NOT our ideology, doctrines or beliefs but the TRUTH of the Almighty God, the Sovereign Creator of all heaven and all earth.

If we understood that in all its fullness, how would that change our behaviors and our interaction with the community around us?

A little food for thought from Turn the Tide Ministry as we head into our weekend.  Share, comment, contact us for prayer, with questions or for more information about being an Ambassador for Christ!