Wednesday, September 29, 2010


S - staying put no matter the cost or circumstances, until God Himself moves us on!
T - Trusting His Word and His character, not what our eyes see and our ears hear!
A - attitude kept firmly in line with TRUTH!
N - No weapon formed against me is able to prevail or MOVE me from His WILL for me!
D - determined to follow Him and obey Him

Oh, there's LOTS of other things we can put in here, these are just a few that jumped into my mind this morning. What would YOURS be? (Ephesians 6:13-14)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lee Iacocco- REALLY??!!!???!

I just received an email which supposedly was a posting by Lee Iaccoco, blasting this economy, this President and this Congress-both houses, thank you. I don't know how real or not this post is or isn't, but one thing I will say - the call in this email for every Patriotic American to WAKE UP, SMELL THE SMOKE AND FIGURE OUT THERE REALLY IS A FIRE RAGING OUT OF CONTROL (my words, not the emails) is certainly for real. I usually reserve this blog for posts about our ministry, our walk with God and relationship with Jesus Christ the Savior.

Well, this is about all those things and more!

I've gotta be truthful here - I honestly don't believe that the America I know and LOVE can be saved! Economically, I believe we've been doomed by very poor management of our resources for so long, it's as hopeless a case as any third world country has ever faced.

HOWEVER - I do believe that the PEOPLE of this country are SAVABLE!!!
It isn't popular, but it sure is the TRUTH - there is most emphatically a CREATOR, GOD, Who has set this whole world up according to His own plan and purpose. We, the very creature He created, have separated ourselves from His perfect plan through SIN- living according to our own will and desire rather than His.

You may ask yourself at this point - WHY SHOULD I CARE? WHY SHOULDN'T I JUST LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I SEE FIT? The answer is actually pretty simple, theologians everywhere please forgive me for this opinion, but IT ISN'T COMPLICATED!

You can live the way YOU want. And you can pay the consequence of that choice, both now, in what you reap to yourself by your actions and words right now on this earth, and also ETERNALLY - by what you reap to yourself by your actions and words. Every person is CREATED by a living God and therefore, like it or not, subject to the rules this God set up. Since WE are not the Creators, we don't get to set the rules!

You can ignore Him and His rules, claim you don't 'BELIEVE" in them, rant and rave all you care to against them - and it still won't change the TRUTH that He created this whole thing - the earth and all that's in it and on it, each person, the whole galaxy and every part of it - and He can do with it JUST AS HE PLEASES IN SPITE OF YOUR UNBELIEF.

Unbelief did not stop Jesus from coming the first time, and it won't stop Him from coming the second time. ETERNITY will not disappear just because you don't want to deal with it.

YOUR CHOICE: Eternity in the presence of the Living God who loves you and WILL accept you by a simple confession of faith in Him, or Eternity spent in (His description, not mine)torment and darkness where there is misery and gnashing of teeth.

It isn't popular, but it is THE TRUTH. Salvation from SIN and HELL is found ONLY in Jesus Christ. There is no other way, no other truth and NO GETTING OUT OF IT BY IGNORING IT.

America may very well be on Her way to destruction - but you don't have to be!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whose Report? Part Two

Aren't we just the same as those Jewish people? We "spy out the land" - and we see the evidence of God - we see the truth of His existence, of His involvement in our lives - and then our flesh rises up and BLINDS us to that truth and convinces us of a lie instead! We become convinced that WE ARE NOT ABLE to do as God has instructed us to do!

Now here's the thing - THAT'S THE TRUTH!! WE ARE NOT ABLE! He is the One Who Able! He works IN US, to will and to do of His good pleasure! He makes us New Creations in Christ! he leads us in paths of righteousness.
HE DOES IT, NOT US! Ezekiel 36:25-27 was highlighted for me some years ago, and it was an epiphany, to realize that God does it - we just yield to His work!!

We go and do and He brings the increase - He causes us to triumph - HE ORCHESTRATES THE VICTORY!!

Many years ago, I heard someone teach that FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. That has stayed with me, and when I see things, I measure them according to what the Bible tells me is truth, and not according to what my eyes are thinking they see. Not easy, but makes a difference in how I live, so my life is more surrendered to Him and less surrendered to this world.

Fear will defeat us everytime. Keeping ourselves at the feet of Jesus "de-feets" fear! Without "feet" - it can't take us anywhere! We don't deny the realities of our circumstances and situations, we simply hold those realities up to the truths of Gods promises. when our hope is in Him rather than the things of this world, FAITH overcomes the supposed worldly realities. We simply don't put our hope and trust in "reality", we put our hope and trust in Christ alone! his truths, His promises!
Then our FAITH has FEET and will take us to victory through Christ!

Praying your faith has feet to take you to His plan for your life!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whose Report Will We Believe??

The story found in Numbers 13 is one very interesting story. God has told His people He is providing them with a land, flowing with milk and honey, and that they will occupy cities they didn’t build, and live in houses they didn’t construct and eat of the land from fields which they did not have to toil in and plant… and all they had to do to receive all this was, well, just GO UP AND TAKE IT. Yea, they’d have to fight, yea, there were already people living there, but God promised to deliver all of it into their hands and all they need do was open their hands and receive.

So, they get to the land, and sure enough, there are cities, great cities, really nice cities with fabulous fields full of good food, plenty of grazing land for their flocks – and just like God told them would be there, there were pagans already occupying the territory.
So they sent a dozen men to go on into the land before them and tell them what was what. And the men came back, all having seen exactly the same things, and sure enough. The land flowed with milk and honey in abundance, JUST LIKE GOD SAID, and there were cities and houses and planted fields, JUST LIKE GOD SAID, and there were people already occupying the territory, JUST LIKE GOD SAID.

Everything was just the way God said it would be, everything. No deviation from what He had told them whatsoever. SO HOW COME THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE THE REST OF WHAT GOD HAD SAID TO THEM? How come they didn’t believe God would deliver the people into their hands and give them the land JUST LIKE HE SAID?????

Aren’t we just exactly the same? We believe Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead – but we don’t believe “by His stripes we were healed”. We don’t trust that “your Father knows what you have need of before you ask”. If God be for us who can be against us. We are more than conquerors through Him who loves us!.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Updates

when God begins to do a "work" in your own heart, one you've asked for, submitted to, but it's still a struggle in the flesh, it's hard to encourage others and be real upbeat about everything! We've asked the Lord to take us deeper, separate us more completely from the things of this world, and increase our desire and compassion for the lost. WOW! He's answering, and I am telling you the truth, our flesh isn't liking it very much! YET... in the spirit, we are rejoicing for He is showing us things we've not seen before. We are understanding His written word as if we've never even seen it before, and peace? No, not the false peace of flesh needs, but the "peace that passes all understanding", that we have.

Our prayer life has grown by leaps and bounds, and folks will tell you, I was no slouch in the prayer department before this Great Adventure began! Through the growth of our prayer life, we are learning - we aren't there, but we are learning - not to regard our "reputation" or our EGO, but to regard the Lord alone! Tough, but WORTH IT!!! We'll keep you posted, you keep praying for us!