Monday, August 23, 2010

Is He Lord in "your" life?

Funny thing happened when I was praying - I was asking God to do some things in "my" life, and was meditating on His word, and some of the things He has already promised to do, when this thought seemingly from nowhere appeared. It went something like this: "my life?" Is this truly my life, if it is conducted as He instructs, as a living sacrifice? If I truly believe that I was bought with a great price, His blood shed on Calvary for me, isn't it now "His life"? Since He paid for it, doesn't it belong to Him? Isn't it just a loaner now, and He is gracious enough to let me do what I want with it, even if I choose NOT to obey Him?

I spent some serious time thinking, praying and thinking some more about this, and here are some of the things I thought. I hope they may spur you to deeper considerations along this line, and encourage you in your personal walk with the God who created you.

If I say I trust Him, and this life is His to direct as He see's fit since He bought it, and He wants the very BEST for me - why should it be hard to obey Him? Shouldn't it in fact be now very EASY to obey Him?

Faith becomes a little easier to consider, too, when it's no longer applied from an uncertain position of "my life needs", but now applied from the sure position of "This life You Bought" needs...

Since this is now His life, which I get to live, but is provided for by Him - it's like having a very well off Daddy, and He owns this grand mansion, lands, cars and more than plenty in every category. Sure, there are always going to be those who don't like my Daddy, so they won't be all that nice to me, either. However, He is my Daddy, so I have FREE USE of all that's His and He will make sure there's gas in the car because He doesn't want His car stuck on the side of the road. And there will always be heat for the house, because He provides for the need of all He owns. Do you see where I'm going with this? If it is no longer "my life" but truly His life I'm living for His purpose, He will provide now and forever for what is needful. No worries, no fears. Even if(WHEN, really, for these bodies are temporary!)this physical body ends, ETERNAL life with Him continues!

It's a can't lose situation! As if there weren't already lots of benefits and NO DOWNSIDE to surrendering "our lives" to the one true God, here's a perfectly logical and reasonable insight into why it makes so much sense!

Now, I'm not talking about religious activity - that's for another blog entry!

Religious activity is NOT a substitute for RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR! We've got to have that part down first. Recognize we are sinners in need of a Savior, accept the salvation offered by Jesus' shed blood, repent of our sins and ask forgiveness, receive that forgiveness, and the work of the Holy Spirit begins!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The last couple of weeks have been incredible. At our regular Tuesday morning service at the nursing home, we've witnessed a SECOND breakthrough which is very
exciting! I reported a few blogs ago about the woman who had been attending the services, and began talking again after almost a year of silence! This week, she is not only talking, she is talking about learning to play the DRUMS at the ripe age of
80 something (maybe even 90 something! I didn't dare ask!) She has a new lease on life itself - now that she knows she has eternal life through Jesus Christ the Lord! She isn't thinking in terms of how much time has gone by, but in how to BEST use the time in the flesh on this earth she still has and how to GLORIFY her Savior with it! Praise God, how wonderful is His name.

What an encouragement to all - not to waste another moment on the time that has gone by, but to grab hold of every second that is to come and make the very most of it that we are able to! There is no limit to what can be accomplished when we are submitted to the Holy Spirit and His work in us! Why can't she learn to play the drums? Why couldn't YOU start again - new and fresh in the Lord? As the Apostle Paul put it - "forgetting those things that are BEHIND we press FORWARD..." As my
51st birthday approaches, I find I am excited about all that is yet to be!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Taste and See that the Lord is Good!

As Clay and I continue to seek the Lord about our direction for ministry, the Lord remains incredibly faithful, showing us the way, one step at a time and blessing us mightily along the way! It seems that every single day, He brings us further wisdom, shows us His way a little more clearly, and grants us greater understanding of things we previously thought we knew and understood!
This week, He showed us that even if someone else has begun a work and it’s fire appears to be glowing just fine on it’s own, we are still responsible to work the works He has called us to and contribute to, not just warm ourselves at, the fire of another. And when there is adversity, we are to shake it off and continue.
In Timothy we read the words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy, to “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” It’s wonderful to hear great sermons and learn from others, but it is

More and more we are aware of the NEED in the heart and soul of those who call themselves Christians to FEAST on the LIVING WORD regularly in order to be satisfied and full in the Holy Spirit. Those who do not even call themselves Christian, IF they feast on His Holy Word; will find themselves changed as well, for His word is a Banquet of LIFE!