Monday, February 28, 2011

Self professing "pagans"

FEB 26th, we put on a free concert at the St. Lucie Presbyterian Church (thank you Pastor Bill). Prior to the concert, we went around the neighborhood praying for people. Just knocked on their doors, bold as you please, and asked them if there were anything we could pray with them about. One door was opened, and when we made our announcement, the woman informed us they were a family of "pagans", but that recently, their youngest daughter Nia (please pray for her!) had expressed an interest in the Bible and knowing who God was. They didn't want to discourage her discovery, so would we come in and talk to her? (WOULD WE???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?)

In we went, and shared the Gospel message clearly, to all the family, prayed with Nia for ALL her family, and then invited them to the ocncert on the 26th. IN SPITE OF THE FACT that it was the same night as the county Fair (wow, we missed that in our date planning!!) THE WHOLE "PAGAN" family came to the concert.

Once again, they heard not only great music (you can check out our original music at the website: but they heard the message of Salvation once again - and I'll tell you this. No, they didn't jump out of their seats and give their lives to Christ that moment - but they DID (and I watched this!) end up sitting on the very edge of their seats listening intently to the message - which was clearly illustrated in the music as well.

I know everyone there was blessed, and we sold some CD's, but if we sang and spoke ONLY to that family - I would consider it worth it!

When young Nia came up for prayer afterwards, and asked if she could donate to the Turn the Tide Ministries, her 50c in my mind is the same as the widows mite Jesus speaks of in the Gospel. Maybe I'm slightly prejudiced, for I myself was once the lone child following God in a household of witchcraft, alcoholism, abuse (Nia does NOT have that element!) - and I can relate to her!

WAIT!!!! keep reading, I'm not done!!!!

About a year ago, we began praying for God to provide a "haven" for my Mom. She currently lives with my brother and his wife, and they are WONDERFUL to Mom, but she really wanted to be in a place of her own. So, we prayed. That's it. Never said a word to anyone!

Two days ago, a couple at a 55+ park in Ft. Pierce who Mom has dogsat for in the the past, called her and asked, would she be itnerested in owning a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in the park? His Mom could no longer live alone. They don't want any money for it.


'NOUGH SAID?!?!?!?!??!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Door to Door

What a wonderful day, door to door evangelizing with Pastor Bill of St. Lucie Presbyterian! Some gentle folks who appeared to "humor" us by not slamming the door in our faces, and then the self labeled "pagan" family....

yep, that's what they told us when they opened the door - that they were avowed pagans. except..... one of the daughters. She had rejected the witchcraft, tarot cards etc in favor of a desire to know God and to read His word. My heart about popped out of my chest. The young lady could very well have been me, 45 years earlier! No, not in looks (she's way cuter!) but in hearts desire!

How does God do that? Call to a heart enveloped in darkness? Shrouded in darkness? Surrounded by darkness? I don't know the answer to that, but I know that He does it!

Her Mom invited us in to talk to her - which surprised me - NOT! God knew just what He was doing! And so, I was PRIVILEGED - YES - PRIVILEGED to pray with this young lady, talk with her about what she was reading in the Bible, encourage her and offer some direction! We then took hands and prayed for the healing of her father, and for her continued growth. We invited her to the concert we're doing in her neighborhood in another week.

Do I even need to mention her inclusion on my prayer list?

Now, tell me again about the insignificance of knocking on someone's door?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Question of the Week

I was praying, meditating and just generally thinking about the things of God, when this interesting (I thought) idea popped into my mind.


Here we are, a good too many of us anyway, scared to witness Jesus for fear we'll be made fun of, people won't like it or whatever our personal excuse is for avoiding doing what we have been commissioned by Himself to do, and we are walking around FREE.

Paul was in jail, in peril of his physical life, at the mercy of those who held him, and he not only WITNESSED Jesus Christ, Him crucified and raised from the dead, but he actually PERSUADED his very jailers to believe the same thing that put Paul in their jail cell!

I do believe that Paul was a very persuasive orator, however, unless they saw POWER and PURPOSE and PERSONAL GAIN in the message, it isn't likely his jailers would risk themselves in this manner. Especially not considering that this was a society that was KILLING CHRISTIANS.

What Paul may have said is fairly obvious from his writings - he would have told them they were sinners in need of a Savior and that Jesus IS that Savior who died for their redemption. What accompanied that testimony that persuaded them? His enthusiasm? Would that have been enough for them to risk their lives? His sincerity? Could that have ever been enough? Words are powerful tools, but just words alone I'm sure could not have done it.

Those words must have been confirmed by actual changes in their hearts, actual manifestation of God healing power and His transforming Presence!

When Paul spoke, he did so with FAITH that God would move! Do we speak with FAITH or timidity?


Friday, February 4, 2011

How God works things out...

When your life is in the hands of the Living God, sometimes events happen - not always of the happiest variety - that you think are "out of place" or just don't make sense to you.

Then somewhere or sometime down the line, another event occurs and you get a glimpse of how the Almighty God puts things together in such a way to bring the greatest blessings, the greatest joy and show you that He truly is in charge and trustworthy. Ignorant people will call it "coincidence" and never give the glory to the Lord where it belongs. That's okay. Psalm 78 clearly shows us the path of the unrighteous - where it ends.

So, from a seemingly easily categorized as negative event, I ended up in front of a young lady at the bank. Who received a phone call just at the time I was with her. Who I encouraged to go ahead and take the call as it was OBVIOUS she was anxious about it.

Turns out it was her doctors office, and it was important - for she is in the midst of IVF - Invetro Fertilization treatments. This presented a wonderful opportunity for me to:

1. encourage her greatly, sharing the story of my dear friend Traci. (who is sending a copy of her book about her experience for Annette to enjoy)

2. Pray for her and share about Gods love and grace toward her

3. be reminded my own self that I am safely in the arms of the Lord who loves me and created me, and whatever happens, even if it seems negative, is all part of His fantastic plan for me! (I needed that right then!)

On top of all that, I now can share the story with all of you, and I pray in Jesus name that you will all be encouraged as well, for the Lord is trustworthy and His Mercies endure FOREVER!

We're out here, every day, seeking the lost, looking for opportunity to show Gods love. I admit to you, it ain't always easy joy - but it is always joy! When I ask you to remember to pray for us - PLEASE PRAY! Pray for our daily needs to be met, pray for our safety, pray for opportunity to witness, pray for resources for us to tap into.

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