One day a young boy and his parents were walking on the beach. Thousands of beautiful Starfish had washed up on the shore and the boy was fascinated by them! “Mommy do the Starfish live in the sand?” “No” his Mommy told him, “they need to live in the ocean.” After a moment he asked his father “Daddy, what happens if they don’t get back into the ocean?” “They’ll dry up” his Daddy told him. The young boy began running up and down the shore, gently picking up a stranded Starfish and delivering it back into the ocean where it needed to be. “Son, what are you doing?” the Mommy and Daddy asked him. “You can’t possibly save them all, it’ll hardly make a difference” He thought a moment and then answered them, “I know, but it can make a difference to this one, and this one, and this one…..”

That's how we are to be with people. Don't be overwhelmed, or daunted by the many who do not know Jesus as their Savior - work with one at a time. If truly all Heaven rejoices over one soul, why would we do less?

CHANGING LIVES ONE AT A TIME....  Live Deliberately and Inspire Others!