Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Music, Drama & GODS WORD!

Turn the Tide Ministries is a traveling Evangelism Ministry offering original drama presentations designed to appeal to the secular while sharing the gospel of salvation in a simple and straightforward manner.


Love offerings are always appreciated, and we will travel anywhere in the contiguous United States.
Every drama is designed to be an outreach tool, involving the community of the Host Church in the presentations, not only as audience, but as participants.  The current drama's available for presentation are:

THE CHRISTMAS BEE:  a heartwarming Christmas story of a courageous young man and a special bumble bee who has his seasons mixed up but not his priorities!

MALCHUS; AN EASTER MIRACLE:  a dramatization of salvation.  Haven't you ever wondered what happened to the servant who had his ear cut off - THEN HEALED - in the garden at Gethsemane?

MR. PRESIDENT:   in life, we are at war - with the sin that so easily besets us; with the spiritual darkness that surrounds us and this musical allegory captures it all, including how surrender equals victory!

and coming SOON - ANGEL OF LIGHT!  Our most ambitious drama yet, depicting the spiritual mirroring the physical and the effect on our lives.

 Concerts are FREE and offered as part of a greater outreach effort.  

Our Pastors have strong, powerful testimonies of Gods wondrous work in a surrendered life which serve well in Mens or Womens Conferences or Evangelism Seminar Weekend events.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shootings, Tragedies and TRUTH

Mr. Huckabee, I applaud you!  You have a much broader platform than I do - but you hold the same view, and I am thankful to God that He has someone in place to say to a larger audience just exactly what you said.

We do not have a gun problem in the USA - or indeed, in the world in general.  Nor do we have a bad movie problem or a drug problem or mental sickness problem.


We live in a world where evil exists - and is allowed to run rampant all because we don't want to "offend" anyone.  Better we "tolerate" and that includes tolerating tragedies such as the shootings in Aurora, Colorado at a movie theater of innocent people, rather than speak the TRUTH and offend those who choose to reject the TRUTH.

You can argue semantics all day, and argue theology and argue doctrine and argue all you want - and all of it WILL NOT CHANGE THE TRUTH! 


He alone is the standard for TRUTH, for MORALS and RIGHTEOUSNESS.  I don't care how much you choose not to believe it, it is still the truth!  Many chose to believe that Jesus was not the Son of God - and yet, He ignored them and continued to heal people, deliver people and ultimately pay the penalty for the sin of the entire world.  No amount of disbelief changes that truth.

If you want to know the TRUTH, you have to get to know HIM, for He is the TRUTH.

Someone began to argue with me the other day, that Jesus cannot possibly be the ONLY way to heaven, because of their reasoning and their logic.  I never argue TRUTH - it stands up for itself and needs no help from me!

Here's what I told them, and I tell you now, in LOVE and in the HOPE that you will open your heart to it, and by doing so, receive the FREE GIFT of salvation through Jesus:

Many claim many things, but ONLY Jesus claimed He IS THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER IN HEAVEN FOR ALL ETERNITY.  It makes sense to take Him at His word for you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can like the teaching of Buddha, you can believe the way of Confucious, you can follow the doctrines of whatever church or organization catches your fancy -

The unbelief of MANY did not stop Jesus from coming the first time, and it certainly won't stop Him a second time.  We are all eternal creatures, created by an Eternal God.  The question is not "if we have eternal life".  The question is:  WHERE WILL WE SPEND ETERNITY?

In the loving presence of the God who created us, or in darkness and misery with an entity who HATES US?!?!!?

Truth can be a very sobering thing. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Christmas Bee!

Yes, I know it's July- but doesn't everyone talk about "Christmas in July"?!?!

July is the right time to start planning!  The Christmas Bee is an original drama production, and 2012 we'll be presenting in Denver, Colorado.

Get involved!  Host a presentation, support this outreach event, AUDITION TO BE PART OF THE PLAY!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Message to our Supporters and Prayer Partners

This morning when I woke, the first thought on my heart after "Good Morning Jesus", was, "the folks" (that's YOU!) need prayer!
So I got on my knees, and asked God to bless each one of you according to His riches in Glory, according to your need.

Just receive the prayer into your heart and you will receive Gods answers
in your life. Not your answers, His. 

His are better.

Please know that Turn the Tide Ministries is ALWAYS praying for each and every one of you! 
Today was specific and special - however, God often brings one or another of you up in our hearts, and we always stop and pray for specific need.

Our purpose is simple, yet powerful: 
To Preach the Gospel of Salvation to the lost, changing lives one at a time, reaping a harvest to Gods Glory!

To that end, please continue to pray for us:

for Gods guidance through His Holy Spirit working
in and through us

for strength to achieve the tasks He asks of us

for wisdom in obedience to His command

for open doors of opportunity to preach; through words, music and the dramas

for BOLDNESS to continue doing the insignificant according to His will with NO regard
for ourselves, our "name" or our desire, but His alone.

for provision for our lives - the basics; food, shelter, clothing and the rest: that we would have to give generously to others out of an abundance from His provision.

for patience and kindness to disciple others in the way of the Ambassador for Christ

ALWAYS: we request you connect with us and share your specific prayer requests, we WILL pray for you!  We also want to hear your testimonies!
What has God been doing in your lives?  Please let us know!  Leave your testimonies either here as "Comment", on the website:
or email us:


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


How much longer will we be free?  Free to gather in churches?  Free to speak the gospel message of truth?  FREE TO GATHER IN OUR OWN HOMES AND STUDY GODS HOLY WORD?!?!?  That freedom is already being taken away!  A couple in California were ordered to STOP having Bible Studies in their home because of Fire Safety laws.  Now, a man in Phoenix Arizona is facing 60 days in jail and almost $15,000 in fines.  His crime?  HOSTING A BIBLE STUDY IN HIS HOME!
The excuse is zoning laws.  In California, it was fire safety laws.  SOON, THEY WON'T BOTHER WITH EXCUSES.  Christians will be shut up, shut off and SHUT OUT!  We've been the "silent majority" for so long that we are NO LONGER the majority - we are simply SILENT!

Where is the outrage?  The outpouring of support?  They riot in the streets when a young thug intent on doing harm is himself harmed, but when an INNOCENT is jailed - we hide behind the doors of our homes and 'THANK GOD IT WASN'T US!".

But it IS us!!!  Everyone of us that confesses Jesus as Lord are members in particular of the ONE BODY.  When one is harmed, we are all harmed!  When one is shut up, we are all shut up!

Turn the Tide Ministries will report, comment and review information as it is received.  If you know of something, share it here!  Sign up now for email updates and stay in touch!  The days are coming, indeed, even are here, when we need to be in touch with one another!  Letters, calls and show of support is needed. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We've got it all wrong and He's made it all right!

Revelation is illuminating, and usually flies in the face of conformity to the accepted ways to believe and behave.  When the Apostle John wrote Revelation, I can hear his peers saying "huh?!?!?"  We still say that to this day for the most part!  Churches have split over what John meant when he wrote this, or he wrote that.  Denominations have been torn and have people have died over the arguments that have ensued.  What was the TRUE revelation God was giving?

John knew.  When God revealed the things to John that He revealed, He also gave John Wisdom to understand.  If we will humbly allow the Word written to speak for itself, we too will find wisdom.

God still works this way.  He still reveals things.  I recently experienced such a revealing.  I was praying about the "list", the things Jesus instructed His disciples to do.  Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and those in prison.

And then it hit me.  Like a ton of bricks, as they say.  The "list" isn't PHYSICAL things we are to do or provide!  Sure, it's a great thing to feed hungry people, and the hungry people of the world are mostly grateful for it.  But what Jesus was instructing was SPIRITUAL! 

He is the Bread of Life, and those that HUNGER and THIRST after RIGHTEOUSNESS will be filled!  Not with potatoes and bread - but with THE BREAD OF LIFE!   That is what we are to feed people!  The saving knowledge of Jesus Himself!  We are to clothe the naked, not with Calvin Klein, but with the Garment of Praise!  We are to visit the sick and and those in prison - not to simply drop in and say hello - but to BRING THEM THE GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION!  Salvations message is what will HEAL them and SET THEM FREE!

Food banks are nice, and prison fellowship is wonderful, but through the foolishness of PREACHING the BREAD OF LIFE to those that are hungering and thirsting for truth - THIS IS THE "LIST" WE ARE TO FOLLOW!  We are to get beyond the physical, and feed the spiritual food that transforms lives, heals the broken hearted and delivers those in bondage. 

The simple truth, simply spoken has the power to break the chains of darkness and despair and bring glory and honor to the Lord we serve.  May we ever speak, simply, plainly and powerfully, as His Ambassadors.

LIVE DELIBERATELY AND INSPIRE OTHERS~ Pastor Marie Krebs, Turn the Tide Ministries