Saturday, August 29, 2015

But what does that LOOK LIKE in "real" life???!!?!

When I was a very young child I went to a local church, attended Sunday School and joined the choir because I loved to sing!  As a member of the choir, there were times I was excused from the childrens Sunday School classes, because the choir was singing that Sunday.


It meant I got to stay in the sanctuary for the service.  I loved listening to the minister preach.  I loved watching all the people as they listened.  I loved trying to guess what they thought about what they hearing based on their facial expressions and body language.

A lot of that has certainly greatly influenced my walk with Jesus to this day.

Some of those people were concentrating hard on the ministers words; like they were trying to understand what he was saying, but also, like they were trying to understand what it had to do with them, personally.

(I'm deliberately skipping over the whisperers, blank looks and sleepers, they aren't a good example!)

Those that were concentrating sometimes nodded affirmatively.  I liked to think that meant they not just agreed with what was being said, but that they were determined to do what was being said.

Every once in a while I'd see a negative head bob.  I imagined that meant they either didn't understand, didn't agree, or perhaps they recognized they were falling short in that area and were silently chastising themselves.  Perhaps they determined to do better in that area in the future.

I knew those were the kind of thoughts and feelings I was experiencing.

As I grew older, I found a conundrum to be dealt with.  I listened to what was being preached.  I even agreed wholeheartedly in most cases.

But what was that supposed to LOOK LIKE in real life?

We were to be kind to everyone - but in real life, unkind thoughts often crammed out all other thoughts when someone was cruel or unthoughtful toward me.  If someone was mean to me, should I pretend to be kind?

We should treat everyone the same and love one another.  But in real life, there were those people I liked, some I loved, and others I really had no desire to spend any time with, let alone love them!

It took a lot of maturing before I began to understand the practical application of biblical teaching. I hope this short list will help you figure out what some things look like in real life.

  • Love your neighbor as yourself - (Matthew 22:39) give others room to grow and change, make space for grace and forgiveness in our hearts.  Don't be quick to assume we know what makes anyone else tick.  How does that look in real life?  Smile and be civil to everyone, no matter how they behave.  
  • Turn the other cheek - (Matthew 5:39) use the phrase "I'm sorry" when someone even thinks you've offended them.  This doesn't mean we back down from truth. but we can be gracious.  "I'm sorry you don't agree with my belief."  That's it.  No need to defend our belief or even discuss their opposing views.  Even if they insist on attempting to argue or be rude, a soft spoken "Excuse me" and LEAVE the situation, room or vicinity.  
  • Be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only - (James 1:22) this one is really pretty straight forward don't you think?  Those things clearly written in the Word, the bible, we should not just listen and nod our heads in agreement, we should actually perform those actions in our lives.  This will actually look a little different for everyone, since God gives everyone different gifts and talents to share with the rest of the world.
  • Be especially kind to the household of faith - (Galatians 6:10) don't allow small doctrinal differences to keep you from fellowship with others who love the Lord and call Him Savior.  We have more in common than we differ, and that is where our strength comes from, being unified in our trust and faith in God Almighty.  Whether you call baptism a full immersion or a sprinkling of water really isn't as important as calling on JESUS as Lord and Savior.
We often make living the Christian faith so much harder than it ought to be.  When we submit to God, being obedient to His commands, real life is Christian behavior!

What other examples have you found help you to live out your faith in your daily life?  Click on comments and share your thoughts.

God bless you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Beat Temptation


Do you have one thing in your life that you consistently struggle with? Maybe you’ve smoked for 
years and you really want to quit, or you struggle with anger and have pushed a lot of people away. 
For me, I’ve always had a tough time making exercise part of my life. I’ll go through seasons of
fitness and then Christmas comes along, which means family, fun, and lots of food. "So long, abs. 
I’ll see you on the other side of this pumpkin pie."
The Bible tells us to honor God with our bodies. That’s pretty clear—filling it with donuts (which I love)
and sitting on the couch doesn’t honor God because it’s hurting me. 
So, this year I made a change. I asked one of my friends to go to the gym with me four times a week. 
We both have families, so we have to get up crazy early to work out. But you know something? 
God has honored my commitment. That time at the gym is one of my favorite parts of the day 
because I have a friend who not only encourages me to be fit, but also encourages me in my 
journey with God. 
I don’t know what you’re facing right now, but be encouraged by this truth: God never intended 
you to fight temptation alone. You aren’t designed to live life alone, so going solo on beating your 
addiction or overcoming your negative habits just won’t work. God designed you to depend on Him 
and to depend on other people. It’s incredible how much we can learn about God when we live in 
My prayer for you this week is that God would give you courage and boldness to have a conversation 
with someone about your temptation, so you can begin the journey toward freedom in Christ. 

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Alan George

Church Online Pastor

Monday, August 17, 2015

Purpose in the Prayer List; Printed in the Paper

Have you ever wondered what you can do to please God?  

If so, here is a simple yet very powerful way to do exactly that!

We know that we are to pray, right?  And all who are Christians, new and mature, young and old alike are aware of the Great Commission.

Next time you are reading a newspaper, or buy one deliberately for this purpose; go to the section where they list everyone who has been arrested.

Circle or highlight their names.

Now sit down, and begin to pray for each of these people.

You already know what the need is.  There is no question these folks really need prayer.  You have a name to pray for.

Don't forget to pray for the police officers, too!

I Timothy 2:1 
Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers and giving of thanks be made for all....

Ephesians 6:17-18

17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; 18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit,

Colossians 4:2
Continue earnestly in prayer...

Fill out the Prayer Request form to the upper left and we will be privileged to prayer for you, too!
We ask that you also pray for us as we continue the work of the ministry that God has tasked us with, changing lives one at time to the increase of the Kingdom, to building the Body in Love, to equipping the saints and building each other up in our most holy faith - ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Secret is for all to KNOW!

Do you remember several years ago all the buzz was about a newly written book called The Secret?

Everyone made such a fuss!  It really worked, they claimed!  It will change your life they insisted.  I remember when a colleague came in to the office one morning glowing with excitement. 

"I read The Secret!" she told me.  "I feel like a whole new person!"  With a huge smile on her face, off to tackle her day she went.

This was a dear friend I'd had the privilege of leading to a saving knowledge of Christ.

It was time to see what this was all about. 

I discovered that what it was all about was taking some basic principles from the Word of God, washing them of any reference to the Lord and mixing in just enough mumbo jumbo from other religious beliefs to appeal to a wide audience. Then packaging and selling them as a "feel good, you can have whatever you want" philosophy that would work to some extent for anyone simply because GODS PRINCIPLE'S APPLIED ALWAYS WORK.

Negative or positive, when you apply Gods truth you get results!

You reap what you sow ~ Galatians 6:7
Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life ~ Proverbs 4:23

The real SECRET to a fulfilled, happy, productive and joy filled life?

PSALM 25:14 The SECRET of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant.

The real secret lies with God and God alone, the Maker and Creator of all the universe.  Obedience to His ways, found in His Word, are the revelations that will transform your life (2Corinthians 5:17) not just for a temporary time, but for ALL ETERNITY!

Grab a Bible, any version that you are comfortable reading (I personally love the New King James or American Standard for easy reading pleasure) and find the true and lasting SECRET to a blessed life now and for all time from the only Author who knows all things including the end from the beginning.