Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Tale of Tide Turning!

Our Heavenly Father, and it is our earnest wish that He is YOURS as well,
is so inherently GOOD to us! Just as the Israelites constantly told
stories of Gods wondrous works to them, so they would not forget, so
we, too, must constantly proclaim the awesome things God does so
we won't take for granted or forget just how awesome He is!

Several weeks ago, we began praying for the salvation of a woman here
in Florida. She had revealed that though she wasn't a "believer", she had
a sister in Colorado who was "born again".

We began to share truth with her as the circumstances allowed, and simply
prayed. (LOVE IT! 'simply prayed'. prayer is SO POWERFUL!) Next thing
we know, God worked the entire situation around so that she and her family
are moving to Colorado, where they will stay with the sister and family for
a time while they get settled.

What are the chances her sister WON'T share Christ with her? I'm guessing
slim to none. I'm putting my HOPE in Christ, that she and her whole family
will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Every insignificant act, freely offered as a sacifice of thanksgiving to the Creator
becomes an opportunity of HIS GLORY in His hands! ALLELUJAH!! and again

In constant prayer,
Clay and Marie Krebs
Turn the Tide Ministries

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Casey Anthony murder case

As I'm watching the closing arguments of the defense in the case of the murder charge against Casey Anthony, I can't help but consider some greater issue's than the death of one child, as awful as that one death is.

I can't help but consider how society can sit as judge and executioner on a young girl's possible desire to be "rid" of her unwanted child, when society has, by the very act of legalizing abortion and sanctioning a culture of death, taught her for the entirety of her life that she was not obligated to that child. That "getting rid of" an unwanted child was ok. Is it really just a matter of timing, whether it's legal or illegal to "take the life" of an unwanted child that "belongs" to you?

If you are young, immature, selfish, immoral and irresponsible, is it that hard to consider that you might not have a firm straight line on that one? I am in NO WAY excusing this girl. I personally believe a certain way in this case. However, I see a greater issue. The greater issue is the culture we have/are creating as a society and allowing as a society.

Morality is supposedly "outdated" and no longer necessary. Yet the absense of morality leads to horrible behavior that includes murdering children BEFORE they are born, and in my opinion, a greater instance of murdering children AFTER they are born as well.

I beleive in personal accountability. I also believe in the greater responsibility of society as a whole. If we say it's alright to kill children in one instance, doesn't that leave us open to the possibility of killing children in other instances as well?

Again, this in NO WAY excuses the person who took the life of little Caylee Anthony. It's just food for thought. Your thoughts?