Saturday, May 1, 2010

Learning never stops!

I don’t ever want to give the impression that Clay & I are out here doing what we’re doing because we’ve got it all figured out, or somehow, we’ve arrived (whatever that means!) or that we’re not still learning as we go! If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s to expect the unexpected! God may do something the same way he did it before, or He may do something completely and totally unrelated to what we’re thinking and He will do things completely different as it suits His purposes and will. We’re looking at things from a disadvantaged point of view all the time – mostly our own narrow point of view! – and God is always looking at things from the greatest point of view! He knows already exactly how to work all things together for good! He knows the end result and how to get there in such a way so He brings along others who hadn’t even known they were signed up to take the ride! AMAZING!
The biggest concern Clay & I have then is to listen for Gods guidance. I write that in the assumptive sense that when we hear His voice, we will obey! In our prayers we are learning to ask for His solutions and ideas and not ours. That sounds simple, and most of us would say that of course in our every prayer we are looking for His will and not ours to be done. Without offending any, may I suggest that you take a closer listen to your prayers? I say this because I discovered it in my own prayers. I think I’m asking and seeking His will, but in honesty, my prayers are more along the line of, “ God do this and do that for me as I desire it to be done”. Tough to admit that for certainly I want to think I’ve achieved some kind of Christian maturity after all these years, but God pointed that out as a learning experience and if there is one thing I know for sure it’s that He’s never wrong!
The point is not that we haven’t arrived, I think we can agree that “arrival” won’t take place until Christ returns and gathers His saints and so shall we ever be with the Lord, for then we shall know even as we are known, but the point is being open and yielded to the Holy Spirit so we can keep growing! As long as we are “teachable” God will continue to teach us and grow us up in Him, as the Apostle Paul talked about in Ephesians. So keep learning and growing in the Lord! It’s true, that saying I learned many years ago. The more I get to know about the Lord the more I realize there is to know about the Lord! Keep it simple sugar, but keep pressing in to Him for more and more!

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