Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Training Ground

Welcome to Gods training ground-the World at Large! I am amazed at the
things God shows us on a daily basis. As you read His Holy Scriptures and ask His guidance He speaks about your own hearts, your relationship to Him, your relationship to the Body of Christ and His church and your RESPONSIBILITY to the lost souls who have not heard the Gospel to the end that they believe it and receive salvation.

It would be so much easier to just be responsible for yourself, but God made us relational creatures and we are not able to escape our own natures. (That's why He had to make a way out of sin on our behalf, but that's another blog altogether!) As relational creatures we have to understand not only THAT our actions and reactions effect us and others around us, but HOW we and others are effected.

When we are younger and less mature, we "act" without giving much thought to how it effects anyone except ourselves. We must not stay in that place, never growing up to the place where we think BEFORE we act about how the action we take will effect other lives. For example, the Apostle Paul said he becomes all things to all people so that he might win some to Christ - that takes a lot of forethought and understanding of how others behave, how we can behave in accordance with THEIR WAY OF THINKING RATHER THAN OUR OWN so that our actions will then achieve our goal- reach them with our way of thinking. In our case, that "way of thinking" is Trust and Faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

It's a mindset. A manner of thinking that then dictates actions. More often than not, it also means we have to deliberately put aside our personal wants and desires, and even our needs in order to reach out to others with understanding, kindness, LOVE and the Gospel Truth of Salvation.

The training ground that best suits this change of behavior isn't a controlled environment, but the World at Large! Actually dealing with people, deliberately putting their need and want ahead of our own and following through so we then see the result - a way into their hearts! If people see you put them first, they are far more likely to listen attentively to what you have to say.

I've heard it put this way- people don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care. It can't be just words - it must be actions! Actions speak far more eloquently than words ever can. We cannot just tell them of Christs love and grace, we must SHOW them Christs Love and Grace!

This reason alone is a very good reason to get outside the four walls of our churches and obey Jesus' command:
Go into ALL THE WORLD and make disciples of all men! (MATTHEW 28:19-20 FOR THE EXACT QUOTE!)

and may God Bless you in your endeavor to obey Him!

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