Monday, April 4, 2011

Family, Realtionships and How Christ Changes all things to the Good!

Just the very fact that we've been able to take this little one week "vacation" to visit and love on family is a gift from God we are very thankful for. One of our continual prayers is about healed and restored relationships within the family unit. What a wonder it is to see prayers actually being answered right in front of our eyes and in our own hearts!

Allow me a moment to encourage others here:

no matter what the circumstances of your family relationships, in giving these things over to the Lord in prayer you will be amazed at what HE can do with the messes we've made!

In my family were various broken, hurtful relationships that I would have said could not be healed, could not be restored. Ahhhh, but that would be without taking Gods healing power into account! I am awed by my Gods loving hand which has restored, healed and repaired and built new relationships within my family structure that simply bring JOY!


Faith - prayer - obedience

All work together to bring our hearts into submission to the Lord Almighty, and He brings about change necessary for great and mighty things to occur!

That's the great thing about prayer. We pray and it changes US! Which opens the way to changed relationships which opens the way to changed lives and hearts and has ETERNAL consequences that are a blessing!!

We'll be heading back onto the Mission Field tomorrow morning - and we'll be taking with us some wonderful memories of all that God has done!

May you, too, find strength in Him!

Blessings to you!

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