Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We share for your encouragement!

Good morning and God's grace to each,

Thank you all for continuing to hold my Mom before Gods throne of grace in prayer. This email is to bring everyone up to date and guide our continued prayers. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers - PRAYER IS POWERFUL AND WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS SITUATION!

Due to complications from the emergency surgery to repair Moms perforated colon, combined with the forced inactivity of lying still in a hospital bed, fluid has gathered around the lungs and the abdomen, making breathing difficult. As Mom struggled to breathe it caused distress throughout her body. This is not conducive to healing, so the decision was made to put a breathing tube in. Mom is not unable to breathe on her own - she only requires assistance to breathe sufficiently at this time. The fluid is being drained (this very moment as I write this! They've sent me out and are doing the procedure) and Mom is mildly sedated for the time being.

By alleviating the stress of trying to breathe properly, it allows Moms body to concentrate on healing the more needful issues from the surgery, so this is not a setback, but a helpful procedure to assist her on the road to recovery. Yesterday, at her alert and awake period, Mom and I had a frank discussion, and she expressed her great desire to FIGHT to heal and return to an active life! Yea, Mom!! She has not given up and neither should we! Her days are numbered by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and she believes her "homecoming" is NOT YET. I agree with her, and will continue to "fight" by her side through my prayers.

She is in a great deal of pain and that is extremely difficult to watch, however, we have been forewarned the healing process and rehab WILL take 2-4 months. Progress, any progress, is STILL progress. She is moving forward, not backward. Should that change, my brothers, sisters and I are in agreement about how that will be handled according to Moms wishes.

Thursday evening, I will be flying back to Colorado, as there is nothing more productive I can accomplish here in Florida at this time. (and I miss my husband!) When she is released from the hospital, it will be to a Rehab Center, which my brother and I are going to look at several and choose one this afternoon. Please pray Gods guidance in our decision there! When Mom is ready to return to her home, we'll look at where things are and what her needs are and make decisions further at that time.

I would request your prayers in several areas:

FIRST of course, Moms peace in Christ, and His healing hand working in her favor throughout the process - even to miraculous instantaneous healing - He is a healer, and could certainly decide a miracle in this situation!

SECOND the decisions we make as a family to be guided by the Holy Spirit. In this prayer, we need also prayer for peace between the family members - not all are believers, and we need to be sensitive to ALL her children/grandchildren- giving precedence to our Soon Coming King Jesus our Lord!

THIRD healing, restoration and SALVATION in this family! Deliverance from generational curses and negative influences! Unity in Christ to occur!

Father, I ask You in Jesus Name to make Yourself KNOWN to my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews! I ask You to do a mighty work of deliverance, healing and restoration TO YOUR GLORY in each and every member of my family without exception! I thank You for it and RECEIVE IT in Jesus Powerful and Mighty Name! AMEN!!

Thank you and LOVE IN CHRIST to each and every one of you,
Turn the Tide Ministries


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