Saturday, September 29, 2012


So many live their lives as if God did not exist, or at least, if He does exist, He has little to nothing to do with them.  Especially in todays world, we've scrubbed the public arena clean of any hint of "God" or anything close to resembling Christianity.  No manger scenes allowed at Christmas - now there's an oxymoron!  Christmas itself being the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but we can't depict that birth with the Nativity scene?  Why not just bannish the entire Christmas holiday?
  HO HO, isn't that pretty much what is being done, by making it simply, a Holiday Season?

So, what if there really were NO GOD?  No creator of the universe and man?  What if the "Big Bang" theory really is all there is?  Would that change anything?  If everything we know is simply random, and every single person on earth at any given time has the right and privilege to conduct themselves according to their "own" reality, can you even begin to imagine the CHAOS that would ensue?  We have quite a few people already living that way and it wreaks outrageous chaos.  Multiply that by the billions and.... I don't even want to consider it!

But what if there really were NO GOD, and every one of us is simply subject to our own sense of right and wrong and whether we'll obey the laws of our lands or not?  Oh, wait, that leads to the same thing as above - CHAOS.

And if there were NO GOD and this all came about by a "big bang", couldn't there just as easily be another "big bang" that ends the whole thing?  Have you ever given any real thought to the delicate balance of EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE that brings about the conditions that allow us to live at all?  Lets keep this idea simple, because it does get extremely complicated as any scientist worth his or her salt will tell you.  We humans need air to breath.  We suck good sometimes even clean oxygen into our lungs - but then we exhale!  We exhale a poison known as carbon dioxide.  If we inhale THAT back into our lungs, we will die.  So how does that get stopped from happening?  All the tree's and green leaf plants around us on this planet assist us in our simply breathing!  THEY breath in carbon dioxide - and they exhale - you guessed it - OXYGEN!

Now that is just one very simplified thing to consider.  That happened "by accident"?  You can think that if you choose, but it gets deeper, and far more complicated.  Like, there would BE no plants if it weren't for every single insect on the planet, and they couldn't exist without all the bacteria and.... well, if you are a thinking person, you get my point.  And it all POINTS to a very intelligent being who took the time to set it all up in the first place.

How can you believe any of this?  BY FAITH!  FAITH COMES BY HEARING, AND HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD.  Suddenly, it all makes sense.  It is the existence of God and His Grace and Mercy that even allows the circumstances that allow people to choose NOT to believe in Him, because His creation in working order gives them the safety net necessary to DISBELIEVE!  Now that's truly unmerited favor.

You can live as if there is NO GOD, precisely because IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.  That empty feeling in your heart?  That spot was created BY Him and FOR Him, for YOUR GOOD!  Let Him fill your heart today and begin to live your life enjoying the ABUNDANT LIFE God wants you to have!  Eternal and full of JOY!

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