Sunday, February 10, 2013


We're currently buried under the 38 inches of lovely white fluff that fell gently from the sky all night, and all day, and all night..... I've been gone from the East Coast for so long, I'd almost forgotten what it was like.  It's FAST and it's CONSTANT MOTION.  When I first left New England for the Midwest, one of the first things I had to do was learn to t a l k s l o w e r.  'Cause I was born and raised in this fastpaceneverstoptotakeabreath beautiful New England style of living.

We get like that in our lives, don't we?  Full steam ahead and no slowing us down!  We've got things to DO don't you know.

And there sits that beautiful Psalm 46.  

be still..... the Lord still......and then you'll know that I am God.

Have you ever tried to sit very still for any length of time?  No talking, no motion, just BEING STILL?  It's hard!  Especially if you are always on auto-pilot set at 100 miles an hour. 

Yet, that is what is required if we are to truly get to know the Lord God. Building that relationship is the single most important thing and it takes time.  Our time.  God already knows us.  He made, formed and created us just for His own purpose and pleasure.  There isn't anything He doesn't know about us.  He knows our hearts better than we do! 

We need time to get to know Him.  To not just read the words written about Him, but to spend time coming to know Who He is, that we can trust Him, what His heart for us is, how He acts and interacts with us so we'll recognize His voice.

STOP!  Whatever it is your doing.  Whatever your calendar, or time clock or busyness.  Just stop. Take 5, 10 even 20 minutes, and spend it being still and seeking to hear His voice and KNOW HIM.

Simple, yes.  Effective?  YOU BET!  Knowing Him will revolutionize your life!

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