Sunday, March 9, 2014

One God and Father of us all.....

The world keeps getting smaller.  it started out small.  it grew a bit.  and then we found a way to make it small once more.

Through radio and television and then the internet, reaching out to the masses of people hurting and deeply in need of and desirous of Gods words of truth and wisdom, like this ministry blog, is no more difficult than my typing out these words, then pressing one button and VOILA' - out over the internet for anyone and everyone to read and comment on.  

Or if I were to put it on video, which is also quite easily done with minimal expense involved, be seen by everyone and anyone who cares to stop by and watch and listen.

It struck me this week as I ministered to people and dealt with many thoughts and feelings and read Gods word and prayed.  Prayed for those in need, prayed for those I was ministering to and prayed for MYSELF - prayed for my thoughts and feelings and confusions and desires and belief and faith - prayed to God for wisdom and understanding - it struck me how our perspective of any thing causes us to believe certain things and we never really know if they are TRUE or not.  We just go along living our lives as if what we think and believe is indeed the truth.

For instance, we think our "world" is split into many different parts.  Europe, Asia, the America's.  Broken down further into separate countries.  

It occurred to me that God doesn't see it that way at all.

We are one world.  One people, created by Him for His purpose.  He has one hope for us.  That we will return to Him the love He has firstly bestowed upon us.  That in that loving exchange, we will understand that there is ONE GOD.  That one God, Who is Spirit, thinks of each and every one of us as His beloved created child.  His desire is that we will fellowship with Him, accept His sovereignty over us, walk in obedience so we receive His blessing, and acknowledge Him by offering Him our Worship and Adoration.

He does not make distinctions according to our country of birth  He does not make religious distinctions of denomination or personally held doctrinal beliefs.  He does not make distinctions based on the color of our skin or language of communication we use.  These of no more consequence to his heart than the color of our eyes or color of our hair or shape of our nose.

He loves us.
He created us to pour His love out into our hearts.
He sacrificed everything He is to pay the debt to FREE us from enslaving SIN.
He allows us freedom of will, to choose Him or not to choose Him.
He LOVES us without conditions put on that love.

There IS ...  one body(His) and one Spirit (Him, What He is), just as we are called (by Him) in one Hope of our calling (that we will put our trust in Him).  There is ONE Lord (Master), ONE faith(the measure of which He gives to all of us), ONE baptism (that of joining by choice to His Body - without regard to the methodology employed in symbolizing that heart condition);


The unbeliever who rejects the very idea of God and never once raises his voice in worship or thanks - he surely misses out on the blessings of walking with the Creator, he surely misses out on the JOY of salvation and the POWER of the Holy Spirit, and he misses out on ETERNAL LIFE through Christ Jesus - BUT GOD  LOVES  HIM or HER regardless of whether they ever acknowledge Him or not!  

Think about this.  Believer or unbeliever.  Think about this.  Think about how this truth, His truth, the only TRUTH we cannot claim, for it existed before we ever did and will continue forever when we are gone; think about how the TRUTH  OF  LOVE  effects every life of every person ever born or who ever will be born.   We can argue about many things, but we cannot argue that LOVE exists and is more powerful than we.


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