Sunday, January 18, 2015

Soaring with the ..... GEESE?

Geese fly in a V formation, which adds 70% more strength and flying time on average to the flock as a whole than any goose flying singly.  The reason is because as each bird flaps its own wings it creates an uplift wind for the bird following behind.

When we share common goals, attitudes and morals we build a sense of community.  Everyone gets what they need most - relationship - and we all get where we are going individually quicker and easier.

Every time the current goose leading the formation begins to tire, it simply falls back to the end of the V, where it is refreshed and strengthened.  Another goose naturally steps in and assumes the leadership position, bringing with it the reserve strength from being further back in the formation.

When we all take responsibility to shoulder the lead at intervals instead of the same one at all times, our interdependence upon one another never becomes too heavy a load that one is always bearing alone.

Whenever one goose does get it into its head to abandon the formation, the sudden drag and resistance of that solo flight remind it of the advantage of being lifted by the power of the formation and it swiftly returns.

Lending our strength to others strengthens us.  Flying solo saps our strength until we are simply burnt out and cannot continue.

The geese in formation constantly honk encouragement one to another, and let those currently in the lead know they are there and ready to take over when they need a break.

When we honk at one another we would do well to make sure it is to encourage, help and cheer on, rather than hurt, taunt and discourage one another.

When one of the geese falls ill, or is shot down or injured by a predator, two other geese instantly leave formation.  They stay with that goose to help it until it is well or until it dies, so it is not alone. Afterwards, they rejoin the original formation or join with another formation.
Father, Son & Holy Spirit; a three strand cord is not easily unraveled.
 Even the geese know this principle!

OH that we who call ourselves Christians would have as much sense as a silly goose does!  

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