Thursday, October 8, 2015

A timely Word from the Lord

“Cry out loud without reservation – lift up your voice like a trumpet!
Tell My people; who sit idly in the pews while claiming they are My children-
That the transgressions and sins are against my Truth
They read My word, determined to find Me
They rejoice in my strength and miracles
But they love the rewards of My power working in and through them
And not Me for Myself!
You wonder why requests go unheard,
Why your Fastings have no Yield.
You do these things for your own pleasures and your own show, not as I require
My strength and power yields true harvest, honest fruit
To turn those hurrying to darkness to My Light-
Not by burdening them in bondage; but FREEDOM
Not with wicked oppressions.
It pleases Me when you feed the hungry, clothe the naked and disciple the poor
So they see Me and My love and My Glory
That they will cry out My Name and find hope in Me!

You hide behind false righteousness,
behind pretty walls and stained glass windows
Building your own kingdom of rules and laws!
No more! 
Stop herding lost souls into emptiness!
Stop showering with false love full of conditions!
Give generously; acceptance and not rejecting!
Then you will walk by My Light and be led by My Spirit
Then in a dry land; you will not thirst
In times of weakness; you will be strengthened
When the True Light shines and not your false light
Then you will lead the lost of the generations to springs of Living Water
And Honor Me when you delight not in what I do but in
Who I Am"

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