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Update 4/12/10 Clay speaking:

What marvelous things the Lord is doing. I started writing a book called “Walking in the Miraculous” with the idea of waking up every morning and asking the Lord, “What is on YOUR agenda today?” And then fulfilling that very thing. Well, that seems to be what is happening in the life of Clay and Marie Krebs. We headed down to Port Saint Lucie, Florida hoping that we had heard the Lord correctly, our goals not clearly defined as of yet. We had some ideas and we were set to start with those unless and/or until God directed or redirected our steps. I’m a firm believer in the idea that it is easier to steer a moving vessel as opposed to one that is docked. So one prays and seeks to hear from God and moves forward on what you think is the Lord’s voice and direction. How grand it is when you see God working things out in what can only be described as Divine.
I know that Marie has updated everyone on most everything so I won’t bore you with the details, however, I feel inclined to remind everyone of the highlights:
- We arrived in Port St Lucie the middle of March expecting to park in my brother-in-law, MC’s driveway only to find out that they were moving to a new location. And, although, MC had good intentions to make the necessary changes to accommodate us it was clear that God was doing something different.
- God lead us to an RV park in Jensen Beach where we set up with all the hook-ups for our RV. Praise the Lord where we were to park was solved.
- On that same day Marie and I were biting at the bit to begin the ministry that God had led us down here to do. The first chance we got we set out to find where we were to start. Marie received a vision about a house church and driving down the road we saw the church from her vision.
- After talking with Pastor Carlton Smith from Jamaica at that house church, we were invited to do some music for them. Being unsure of what exactly God was doing there we became hesitant to commit ourselves.
- We found a 1995 Nissan Pickup for $500.00 on Craig’slist and we are seeking part time employment. We are believing that God has it all under control as He is the great Orchestrator of our lives.
- Our searching led us to look into a part-time cleaning and laundry job which turned out to be at the Palm City Nursing Home. While Marie filled out an application I talked with the activities director and set up ministry there Tuesday nights at 7pm. We were able to pray for Ed, a man with gangrene in both of his feet and we are believing God will heal him.
Which leads me up to the latest piece in the puzzle that God is so wonderfully putting together in our lives as we seek to do His will. We saw this little yellow church in Jensen Beach and decided to attend on Sunday. We showed up Sunday morning expecting to attend their breakfast they had advertised on their sign out front and then sit through a nice little sermon probably amongst 20 or so attendees. What a pleasant surprise to show up and find out that they were on their way out to the park next to the water to serve breakfast to the homeless and we were invited to join them.
There we were at the park under a pavilion as they served breakfast to about 10 to 20 homeless that make their homes there sleeping under the bridge and on top the park benches. We fellowshipped with some of the “members” who came along with Pastor Jerry sitting next to those needing a bath and smelling of cigarettes and alcohol. But they listened as Pastor Jerry led us in song and then a simple message from the Word of God. After a baptism in the river he blessed us all and sent us on our way. Marie and I introduced ourselves, telling him that he’s doing exactly what we had come down there to do. He invited us back to the little yellow church.
We sat there with Pastor Jerry for about 3-4 hours talking about all things that God is doing. How that the previous pastor had handed Jerry the keys to the building and said, “It’s yours.” And he proceeded to continue in the venue in which he started, ministering to the homeless. Their facility is open almost all the time as they feed whoever is hungry. They have a house where they can house the homeless if they are willing to submit to prayer and the reading of the Word.
I’ve had a vision of doing exactly this throughout the United States, setting up (I was calling them bonfires) everywhere as the Lord leads so that we could consume as many souls for the Feast of the Saints in which Jesus told us to go into the Highways and Byways in order to compel them to come and dine.
Where will God take it from here? All I can say is: tune in tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel. We’ll keep you informed as it progresses. What an exciting life!

4/21/2010 I feel like I’m “dum-de-do-de-do-ing” along as God orchestrates Marie’s and my life. God says “Go here.” And I respond, “Okay - dum-de-do-de-do-ing” along as I go. We are truly walking in the miraculous as God is directing. We set out on this missions trip with a little money and we are coming to an end of those funds and panic is starting to creep in. How will we pay our rent? Our financial obligations? Get food? What about dental?
I’ve got some dental issues and so far they haven’t caused me enough pain to have to retain a dentist, but two nights ago Marie’s back upper tooth started to pain her. It was abscessed. We went to Pastor Jerry, because I figured since he worked with the homeless he probably had connections to dentists. I was right and he directed us to Dr. Yates. We called and explained to him the problem. He called a prescription into the local grocery store pharmacy and we went to pick up the antibiotics. They were free. No charge. We were astonished. We set up an appointment and went there today.
Marie questioned them about their fees for a tooth extraction and was told about $300.00 with the x-ray. We could not afford that and we wanted to reset the appointment so that we could do some research on what other options we might have. Before we could leave however, Dr. Yates wanted to see Marie. She went in and she was told that it would be free of charge. Come to find out that the entire office is filled with born-again Christians and they wanted to bless us.
Marie and I couldn’t accept that and offered to pay for the x-ray and they took $25.00 from us. Later Marie repented before God for stepping on His grace. We pray for grace and when God gives it to us we feel we can’t accept it and push it away. The thing is - none of us is worthy of His grace. None of us measure up - ‘There is none righteous, no not one.’ There is no amount of work that we could do to pay for His blessings that He gives for free.
Last night at the Palm City Nursing home Marie gave a message called AWE, A Worshiping Existence in communing with the Lord of all creation. Only God can orchestrate such happenings. How can we doubt Him with such miraculous things taking place in our lives daily? There are daily things that happen and we, in our “dum-de-do-de-do-ing” along miss this or that and fail to give Him glory.
Marie and I are currently reading Numbers in the Bible and we just read about Children of Israel complaining and wanting to go back to Egypt when they are seeing God working in the Miraculous daily, i.e.: Manna, the cloud by day and the fire by night, not to mention the Glory of the Lord appearing above the Tabernacle from time to time, the earth opening up and swallowing up Korah and his bunch, water gushing out of the rock. How soon they forgot all that and still murmured and complained and walked in unbelief.
We look at them and shake our heads thinking “if I had been there I would never have doubted.” Oh? You think so? My brother Jay has a song called “Same Thing” - I would’ve done the same thing if I was there. We seem to think we’ve learned from their mistakes and we’re above all that, but here we are walking about in His miraculous world and we still doubt Him.
Walking in the Miraculous means learning to hear His voice - EVERYDAY. Seeking to do His will above our own - EVERYDAY. Learning to turn right when He says so, or turn left as He leads us, to stop, to go, looking for signs of directions - EVERYDAY. We, as human beings, desire things to be orderly, but I am convinced that God works in the chaos. He works at His best when things are in disarray.
This reminds me of the movie Crimson Tide when a fire breaks out in the mess hall and the Captain, played by Gene Hackman, decides to run a drill during the crisis. His Senior Officer, played by Denzel Washington, thinks that it would have been more orderly to deal with one crisis and then run an emergency drill. Washington questions Hackman’s decision, however, the Captain explains that war is not pretty or convenient and it doesn’t play by the rules or wait until it’s turn, no, it is the very opposite. As is this world that is ruled by sin.
When you sign up as a Christian you have entered the war-zone. (Truth be told, your in the war anyway!!) There’s a war going on. A battle over our souls. Too many want the fire insurance without having to deal with the ugliness of the war-zone. I’m afraid that option is not available. Either you are a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness. And if you have signed yourself to be one of His then you are obligated to be in the fight. And it is not pretty, or orderly. It doesn’t play by your rules. It is messy, obstructive, dangerous and yes, deadly.
When we decide to Walk in the Miraculous we throw ourselves into the middle of that cesspool of turmoil and learn to swim to shore. We step out of the boat, like Peter, and walk on top of the chaos with our hand firmly in His. Marie and I find as we wake up and try to put some kind of order to our day that ultimately, it is as He determines it to be. And then we stand back at the end of the day in AWE, knowing that we had very little to do with the miraculous things that went on, only that we happened to be at the right place at the right time and even that was because HE directed our steps.
Yesterday, April 21, Marie and I met with Pastor Carlton Smith of the Divine Anointing Worship Center. We wanted to clarify what God was doing in our lives and make sure they knew that just because we weren’t attending Sunday Mornings with them that we were busy doing what God had called us down here to do and that was to work with the homeless and that He did not call us down here to Florida to simply join a church and sit in the pew. We had a very good meeting with them and made sure that he and his wife knew that we were available to help them with any outreach they would like to attempt or do.
While we were in the meeting, Pastor Smith decided to call the local TV station that covers local events and Marie talked with them and explained our mission here in Florida. They gave us another number to call and I wanted some time to pray about it before we start calling a secular TV station and sounding our own horn. I would rather the works that we do to speak for themselves. We prayed with the Pastor and his wife and then went on our way knowing that God is doing things. We’re unsure of exactly what, but we are all open to what He will do.
Pastor Smith is a good man. He demonstrated that when he called and left a message for me to call him and I returned his call this morning. The TV station had called him back and asked who we were and who we were working under and he told them that Turn The Tide Ministries was working under the Divine Anointing Worship Center. He had called me to let me know that he had provided covering for our ministry so that they don’t think that we are some lose cannon out scamming people. He went on to make sure that I understood that he was not trying to tie us down but on the contrary wanted to give us the freedom to go and do what he knows the Lord is doing through us. Again, another example of God covering for us as were “dum-de-do-de-do-ing” along. God is so in control.
Pastor Smith also wants to pursue a book company that he knows so that we might get my books published. We’ll see how all that turns out. But if it’s anything like God has already showed himself powerful in doing then I’m sure it will be like everything else - MIRACULOUS.

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