Saturday, June 19, 2010

Always a "new thing"

We are learning, FAST, that "ministry" as we've always defined it no longer
fits in this new setting, which is outside of what would be considered "normal". Having given up living in one location with the intention of 'permanent', given up career employment and ownership of our own business, given up living in a house even, the things that used to constitute ministry, we are finding, are not applicable. Every step of this "Great Adventure" has been a learning experience and opportunity to grow in Christ, and provided greater means of outreach to others to share the message of salvation. In other words - all very exciting stuff!

For that reason, we find continually the need of praying and earnestly seeking Gods direction and now most specifically, His definition of ministry. We started off doing the things that "worked" in the past - seek out likeminded believers, set a foundation in the local church, share music and the message of salvation - and when it went "flat", we were shocked, surprised, frustrated - and then JOYFUL! - as we came to understand that God was doing a NEW THING in us and through us. We did not give up our supposed "everything in this world" for no purpose - but for His perfect purpose and that required some changes - first in us, and then we would be prepared for Him to work through us.

Even doing the evangelism activities of the past were not the "right" moves
anymore! Only by seeking the Lord and His specific direction for how 'ministry' is
to be defined and accomplished will be acceptable at this point in our walk.

Allelujah, what a creative God we serve! At first, we were a little taken aback, and even a little put out that what had always worked before no longer worked! Things were no longer simple, and we no longer felt capable and adequate. To have come this far, and find it didn't "work" like we thought it ought to work was a bit of a shock to our systems! And that is the point!! God sometimes needs to shock our systems to get us OFF OUR THOUGHT TRACK AND ONTO HIS!!

We did not give up all and head out for a "Great Adventure" that was simply more of the same old, same old! God is far too creative, and His message far too precious and those souls who need to hear are far to important to settle for "normal" in this endeavor. WHAT WERE WE THINKING???!!!?!?? Aren't I the preacher that stood in the pulpit and boldly declared to everyone that God never changes but He changes us CONTINUALLY?!?

No change=no growth=no life!

Praise God we don't have it all figured out yet and PRAISE GOD we will NEVER have it all figured out! We will always rely on Him, always pray to Him, always call on His name and seek His guidance and operate by FAITH IN HIM!

Life, created by God, designed by Him to be a truly "GREAT ADVENTURE"!

Stay tuned for all the Tide Turning Tales to come!

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