Thursday, June 24, 2010

the WOW factor.....

As we are reading sections of Old & New Testament and a Psalm each day, God has been using it to teach us deeper understanding of principles we've learned in the past, but need to re-visit from time to time, to keep them fresh in our HEARTS, and bring us farther along in our walk with Him.

As we read about the Israelites, the truth highlighted is that of obedience. Now, before you dismiss that lightly, stop and meditate a moment on this idea. We are quick to say "we obey God" and in the BIG and OBVIOUS ways, that is most likely true. However, in the not so obvious ways, in the seemingly insignificant ways it would be a good idea to examine our own hearts to determine what's really there. We will probably be surprised to find that often, we simply make our own decisions and choices and go our own ways without ever ASKING GOD WHAT HE WANTS US TO DO! For one who has declared that Jesus is LORD - which means He is essentially "our BOSS' in ALL matters, not seeking is the equivalent of disobeying.

The absolute GREATEST thing any of us can ever do in the Kingdom of God is to do what God has specifically made, formed, created and CALLED us to do! Not what the neighbors are doing, what the Pastor tells us to do (though he/she may have very good ideas in that department!), not what our parents or our children want us to do (kids, I'm not talking about obeying parents in that sense and you know it! :0)- the greatest thing isn't doing what others are doing and succeeding at - it's doing just precisely, exactly, specifically what God Allmighty purposes for YOU as an individual to do in the Kingdom!

My personal experience just this MORNING is filled with MIRACLES - because in this one instance anyway, I got it right, and did just what God told me to do - and as a result, I've experienced a MIRACLE from God! Want to know the specifics? Sign up for email updates and get all the details!
Meanwhile, know this: God loves His creation and has plans and a specific purpose for each and every one of us!

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