Sunday, June 13, 2010

God speaks, are we listening?

In the Bible, we are told to be "led by the spirit". Have you ever wondered what that meant? I've given that idea a LOT of prayer and thought and I've discovered something I hope you'll find useful. God speaks to us in MANY different ways, that's not a new revelation. Sometimes it's that still small voice we've heard about, sometimes the way circumstances push us, often it's His word as already written - He just brings it to our attention in a new or insistent way, and sometimes He speaks audibly. I'm learning that once we start desiring something that He has instructed us to desire, He can be very creative in how He brings it to pass. For instance, He may speak in one of the ways I've listed above, or He may speak VOLUMES to us in the simple act of our obedience to Him in one area, which He then uses to tell us other things.

I have also experienced recently the use of what we might call dejavu. There have been two occasions in the last two months where I've a distinct sense of having been here and done this before. The second time it happened, I prayed and asked God if it meant anything - this sense of having already been here and doing what I'm doing, and I knew He was confirming for me that I am in the right place! We are the one's who limit God, He is limitless! He is so creative, coming up with different ways to communicate with Him are no problem to Him at all. Through out the Bible, He is constantly telling us He's doing new things, different things, creative things.

God is always speaking to us, are we always listening?

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